Why do I have to register to see profiles on TourKidd?

To make sure we’re providing as much value as possible to our users, we require that musicians, artists, and promoters create accounts in order to view our listings.


Are member names, e-mail addresses and passwords case sensitive?

Login names and e-mail addresses aren’t case sensitive, but passwords are.


I forgot my password. What do I do?

Click on Login on the upper right of any of the pages, then click “Don’t know your password?” Enter your e-mail and your password will be sent to you.


Can I have more than one profile page?

Any account can contain multiple promoter, artist, and venue listings.


Will everyone see my e-mail address?

Your email is kept private, however, users can send you emails by clicking the “Message” icon on your listing.


What’s the difference between making an account and submitting a listing?

An account simply the identity under which all of your listings are contained. Any account can have multiple listings.