What is Tourkidd?

TourKidd is a directory and listing service where members of the independent and DIY music space can share their insights and experiences with others. If you’re a artist trying to hit up the right promoter, or a venue in need of passionate local acts to finalize a lineup, TourKidd wants to help you get your show on the road.


DIY, Together

Art is hard. Music is hard. Booking shows is hard. Booking tours is harder. Doing all of these things very, very well is like a feat superhuman skill, determination, luck, and passion. TourKidd gets that. We want to help.


How do I fit in?

Do you play music for people, at places? Do you operate a place where people play music? Do you book people who play music at places? If your answer to answer to any of the above is “yes,” then TourKidd is here for you.


A Community

TourKidd will turn you in to Drake, immediately after you make an account. Our listing app lets you find and pick out musicians, people who book shows, and venues who host shows. When you find a profile that seems like a right fit for your tour stop or show lineup, TourKidd gives you the tools to contact the user directly, for free. Rating & review features provide the transparency you need to make informed booking calls.